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Career Leverage

Cat Laiacone
Professional Career Coach
Corporate Trainer

It's time to leverage up your life!


Unlock your potential! 

Hi, my name is Cat Laiacone, and I am a Professional Career Coach and Corporate Trainer.  I help people make BIG decisions regarding their life or career path as they plan their trajectory. Whether you are considering transitioning to a new job, or career change, I developed programs can help with all these stages life's journey.
In my coaching I also offer Corporate Training and both coaching and training begins with the framework of the program and specialize the structure and information uniquely for each client.  I glean from over 25 years experience in the corporate arena and share my extensive experiences to help build and cultivate development, tools and materials that have been proven resources a bring a partnership for guidance and support, while celebrating victories all along the way!
Schedule your free discovery session today - to see how I can help you leverage your career and your life!  
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Clarity & Guidance - Pursuing Your Next Career

Discover your true passions and pursue the job you want!

Program includes:

  • (6) Individual Coaching Sessions 

  • Assessment tools to help identify and discover your true passions in your career

  • Review skillset and how to leverage experience

  • Identify potential roles/positions, industries and businesses to consider

  • Resume review and rework with trending formats

  • Do's and don'ts for cover and thank you letters/notes

  • Review LinkedIn platform and tools available

  • Interview preparation and mock interviews


Body, Mind & Financial Wellness

Self care isn't selfish - it's essential to complete wellness!  

Program includes:

  • (6) Individual Coaching Sessions 

  • Finding balance and eliminating burnout at work or home.

  • Eliminating procrastination

  • Staying focused and accountable

  • Deeper insights on causes of barrier or obstacles on the path

  • How to get "unstuck" and begin moving forward

  • Budgeting and managing finances

  • Healthy eating, routines and body movement


Designing and facilitating development and training experiences tailored to your company’s
unique needs and goals.

Emotional Intelligence 

  • Importance of EI

  • Understand emotions & reactions

  • Identify emotional triggers

Team Building

  • Reinforce shared goals

  • Manage conflict

  • Build team cohesion & motivation

My training services are tailor-made for my clients, helping them grow their business, retain staff and build more effective communication in teams and across the organization through effective development training.  In collaboration with clients, we conduct a training needs assessment to identify areas of growth, opportunity and priorities, to meet their organizational goals and purpose.   

Please book a free 30-minute consultation below, to talk more about the needs of a company and then identify areas and training services relevant to your organization. 

Work-Life Balance 

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase morale

  • Improve mental & Physical Health

This is a sample of what programs are offered.  Training Programs/Workshops include interactive engagement with participants, breakout groups, case studies, quizzes to improve retention, takeaway reference sheet for future use. 


I have traveled from the northeast to the southeast for different job opportunities in Marketing, Real Estate, Healthcare and Academia.  Through my experiences, I have found there has been one common thread - taking time to understand people's needs and then counsel and guide them as they gained new knowledge about services that are best suited for the client.    

     Whether holding my clients hand through a four month real estate transaction as a real estate agent; spending time with families while they had to make difficult decisions regarding health derivatives as a Sales Director for a senior living company; or helping counsel graduate and residency students as a Program Coordinator as they experienced new terrain and battled imposter syndrome;  all of my roles lead me to having a better understanding of people's need to improve their lives and help navigate challenging terrain along the way. 

     I felt passion about in all these roles was by personally engaging with others on deeper level and realized that when we are able to make better decisions in our lives based on our authentic selves, that is when we can truly thrive.  The goal is to identify what that looks like for you - whether in your professional career or in a corporation that can benefit from guidance, coaching and professional development training.  My mission is to educate others on ways to build more fulfilling and rewarding lives and sharing that with others. 

I launched several programs that have proven results for my clients in helping them achieve their career and development aspirations.  Please contact me for a free consultation to find out more!   

About  Me!

Contact me at

or call (203) 309-1007 to schedule your free exploratory consultation 

or Click the Link below to schedule a time that works best for you! 

Cat is an amazing coach!! I’ve been working with her for several months on career and life coaching. She knows her stuff and is so attentive and helpful. She’s offered guidance and support as I’ve been working through work burnout and big life changes, and I would never have made the progress I have with her. I highly recommend Cat for anyone looking for a coach to help in career and life’s challenges. She’s awesome!

Rachel W.


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